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Helping parents thrive on their return to work after parental leave

Returning to the workplace after parental leave is a huge transition in any parent’s life

And women are struggling with the change. Survey results of maternity returners show that:
  • 90% were not offered any formal support.

  • 37% felt so unsupported they considered handing in their notice.

  • Only 18% of respondents felt happy and confident about returning to work.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Yes, returning to work after parental leave raises challenges for both you as an employer, as well as for the new parent re-entering. But help is at hand to make this transition as smooth as possible; positioning you as a supportive employer, keeping your talent feeling cared for and getting the most out of your team.


Coaching provides objective, outside support to employees that can help parents prepare during their parental leave and return to the workplace feeling confident and engaged.

What are the challenges?

Whether employees returning to your organisation are returning as a first-time parent or they have returned to the workplace following parental leave on previous occasions, they are likely to be dealing with a range of emotions and thoughts during those last few weeks or months of maternity:

  • Worry about being away from their baby.
  • Lost confidence in their own skills and abilities.
  • Wondering if things will have changed within the company.
  • Feeling the pressure of having to ‘prove themselves’ again.
  • Wanting to achieve their career goals.
  • Logistical concerns about juggling work and parenthood

This can have a real impact on how an employee feels about their return to work but coaching can help them identify and manage issues in advance.

Benefits for the employee and organisation

Working with a coach during this time can help make the transition smoother for both the employee and the organisation. Benefits may include:

For the employee:

  • Help them to work through any emotions, doubts and thoughts that are coming up.

  • Provide an opportunity to remember their strengths and achievements in their role.

  • Establish work/life balance boundaries.

  • Actively consider their career ambitions.

  • Feel more engaged

  • Feel supported by the company.

For the organisation:

  • Retain valued employees.

  • Reduce cost/avoidable employee churn.

  • Support female talent in the workplace.

Let’s take your parental leave returners from concerned to confident – and maximise their unique talents.  Contact me to discuss your team and their needs.



Every time I have a session with Rose I feel more determined and excited about the future. They have enabled me to be more comfortable in myself, what I want most out of life and to focus on what really makes me happy.



Rose has the innate ability to make you feel safe, listened to and understood since the very first minute. She doesn’t judge you; she doesn’t give you any unsolicited advice. She was exactly what I needed while trying to figure out who I am as a professional, woman, and new mum.


Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve put together some of the most commonly asked questions I receive to give you more information about coaching in general and also You Beyond Baby.

I’m happy to discuss and tailor a coaching package to the needs of your organisation and employee. However, a typical return to workplace coaching package consists of a kick-off session, three coaching sessions (two during maternity leave and one a few weeks after the return) and a catch up session approximately six months later.

I believe this format gives the employee:

  • the opportunity to explore how they’re feeling about their return,

  • the support to decide what action or changes they need to make to help them overcome any fears or doubts,

  • the chance to think about how they are going to manage their home life alongside their career goals,

  • to reflect on how their return to the workplace has been and whether there is anything else they need to help further with the transition.

I’m able to give a price once we’ve discussed your coaching needs. It depends on how many sessions we agree upon and the location of the sessions (eg. online or in-person).

It depends on how many sessions an employee is having in total but for example, if they are having two sessions before their return to the workplace and one after the return I would advise the first session takes place approximately two months ahead of their return. The kick-off session should happen before this so that the employee can come prepared for their first coaching session.

The ICF describes coaching as “a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them [clients] to maximize their personal and professional potential”. The conversation is led by the client and the coach’s role is to encourage, support and challenge them as they work out what really matters to them, what goals they want to achieve and what is holding them back or what needs to change in order for them to reach them.

A coach doesn’t provide advice or tell the client what to do. It’s enabling the client to find the answers and make the decisions that are the right ones for them. This helps them make progress and move forward with confidence.

I have an ICF accredited Diploma in Professional Coaching which includes a niche course in Career Coaching. Before I became a coach I was an HR generalist in London for six years and completed a postgraduate diploma in Human Resource Management (CIPD Level 7).


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