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Hi, I’m Rose

Helping new parents return to work

I’ve been supporting wonderful humans in fulfilling their full potential for eight years, firstly as an HR professional and now as a Coach.

Having a baby and being on parental leave can shake things up and change how you feel about going back to work. Whether it’s struggling with self-doubt, working parent guilt, work-life balance, reaching career goals or something else, there’s a lot to juggle.

But this time in your life should be filled with joy rather than feeling lost, confused, and scared about what comes next. Facing your feelings and doubts can give you the tools you need to move forward feeling confident and prepared.

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It’s not just returning to work, it’s returning to work well...

When I returned to work after having my first baby I felt differently to how I expected I would feel. I was dreading it and I carried this heavy weight on me during my last few weeks or even months of maternity leave as my return to work approached. But rather than taking the time to understand and take action on my doubts and fears, I just let them fester in my head.

★ I didn’t look at what was really underlying my worries and how I could work through them.

★ I didn’t have the difficult conversations about the things keeping me up at night.

★ I didn’t feel prepared and ready or my return.

So while I did go back to work after my first child, I wouldn’t say I returned to work well.

It’s important for the parent and the business


Parental leave is a relatively short time in an individual’s career, but it’s a pivotal one. It’s a time of change for both sides and it can bring challenges.

But supporting parents at this time to make going back to work as successful as possible, can reap rewards for both the them and the business.

Returning to work well can mean:

★ An employee re-settling quickly and easily.

★ An employee being engaged, motivated and productive in their work.

★ An employee feeling valued by their company.


How can I help?

It breaks my heart when I see parents struggling with the thought of returning to work. But it’s a vulnerable time and I understand why so many feel this way. I’m a working mum of two myself and I can relate to a lot of the challenges parents face as they approach their return to work and in the months that follow.

After working with me, my clients have said they feel empowered, confident, have a shifted mindset and outlook, experienced lightbulb moments, breakthrough moments, set sights higher and left feeling more determined about the future.

This is the power of coaching!

I have an International Coaching Federation accredited Diploma in Professional Coaching Practice and Certificate in Career Coaching. I am also a Mental Health First Aider and have a Postgraduate Diploma in Human Resources Management (CIPD Level 7).

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