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Dance back into the workplace feeling confident after maternity leave. 

Returning to work after maternity leave feels BIG and scary

I’m Rose and I know that returning to work after maternity leave is a huge moment in any mum’s life. 

Maybe you’re thinking… 

  • I don’t want to leave my baby with someone else 
  • What if everything’s changed and I don’t know anyone?  
  • I think I’ve forgotten how to do my job! 
  • I can’t wait to get back to my pre-baby job, I’ve got so many things I want to do but I’m not sure how I’m going to manage everything. 
  • I don’t feel like the same person as I was before I went on maternity leave. 
  • I feel guilty about going back to work. 
  • How am I going to get any time to myself when I’m back at work? 

You’re not alone. 

How is it impacting you?

For me it felt like this dark cloud hanging over the last part of my maternity leave as I kept on going over and over the same thoughts. I wish I hadn’t spent those precious moments feeling like that, and it doesn’t have to be like that for you.

Working through whatever it is you’re experiencing right now can help you: 

  • Remind yourself of your strengths and skills and reflect on those you’ve developed while on maternity leave.
  • Have those conversations with your employer around your return, flexible working, reconnecting with employees etc. 
  • Start to feel engaged with your work and role. 
  • Think about your personal brand as you return. 
  • Set career goals and your plan for achieving them. 

This is what coaching can help you with. Rather than feeling overwhelmed you can be confident, prepared and ready. 

How can I help?

I am here to listen to and work with you in a safe, non-judgmental space. To explore where you are now and where you want to get to. 

I’ll work alongside you to move you from feeling lost and unsure to a place of focus and confidence about returning to work and achieving your goals. 

I’m a mum of two little ones, with work and relationships to prioritise too. I understand how juggling all of these and the constant mental load can leave you without any headspace for yourself. By choosing coaching, you are choosing YOU and carving out time to focus on yourself and your needs. 

The impact of this is powerful not only for you but also has a magnificent ripple effect on your whole family. 

Download your free guide to returning to work after maternity leave...

Are you on maternity leave? From feeling excited and ready to worried and full of dread, mums go through a huge range of emotions and thoughts at this time.

But help is at hand. This FREE GUIDE includes my top tips and a journalling exercise. So if you’re: 

  • Feeling guilty at the thought of leaving your baby with someone else while you go to work.
  • Struggling with self-doubt.
  • Wanting to reach your career ambitions but not sure how you’re going to achieve them.
  • Thinking about managing the working mum juggle… 

Get your guide here now so that you can: 

  • Work out your priorities as a working mum.
  • Set healthy boundaries around your work and life.
  • Feel confident as you head back to the workplace. 



Every time I have a session with Rose I feel more determined and excited about the future. They have enabled me to be more comfortable in myself, what I want most out of life and to focus on what really makes me happy.



Rose has the innate ability to make you feel safe, listened to and understood since the very first minute. She doesn’t judge you; she doesn’t give you any unsolicited advice. She was exactly what I needed while trying to figure out who I am as a professional, woman, and new mum.


Hi, I'm Rose and I want to help you thrive when you return to work after maternity leave.

I found coaching soon after I had my first baby and it’s had such a positive impact on my life. It’s helped me get clear on what I really want going forward and give me a framework to plan how I’m going to get closer and closer to my goals. It’s given me more focus and confidence in my personal and working life. 


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